Article: Money Saving Tips

Make a shopping list before you go & stick to it
One the easiest ways to overspend is going to the grocery store unprepared or hungry!
Make a list of your upcoming meals you have planned before you go & put your list together based on that along with any other essentials you will need.
We keep a magnetic wipe board on the fridge, if you use the last of something put it on the list!
Save on books & movies
Your local library more than likely offers DVD to be checked out for FREE! Many libraries are also offers e-books. Check with your local branch to find out what they offer.
In addition try sites such as PaperBackSwap to rotate out books you have already read & score new (to you) books.
This can be helpful in many ways. I love making large batches of things like casserole, chili, sausage gravy, etc & freezing the extras for another quick meal later.
This saves you money on not going out to eat as much & you can also purchase more items in bulk to save money.
Plan your meals
Plan your meals based on your grocery flyers for the week. Plan your meals based on the biggest savings. Chicken on sale? Get creative- Grilled chicken, Chicken Spaghetti, Chicken Noodle Soup, etc.
Try Generic
Try out generic rather than name brand items. In most cases you will find the store brand is just as good as the name brand but, with a better price!
Ask for fees to be waved
Any time you sign up for a new service of any kind & there are signup or setup fees – asked for them to be waved. You will be surprised how many times they will remove these fees. It never hurts to ask!
Utilize Auto Pay
Many cell phone & cable providers offer monthly discounts on your bill if you setup your bill payments on auto pay. $5 or $10 a month doesn’t sound like much but, adds up quickly over time!
$10 x 2 bills a month = $20/month OR $240/year!!
30 Day Rule
Looking to make an expensive or large purchase?
Wait 30 days to see if you still want the item.
In many cases you will find the urge to purchase has passed. You will have saved yourself a bunch of money on an impulse buy!
Drink More Water
Not only is soda not the best for us, it also costs money! Try switching to water, your water & wallet will appreciate it!
Purchase a refillable water bottle to cut back on buying water.
Clean Out Your Closets
You would be amazed once you start going through closets how many things you never even use!
My personal rule of thumb unless it’s for a holiday or a keepsake – if I haven’t used it in 60 days, it can go!
Have a yard sale, post on facebook, you name it! Clean it out & put some cash in your pocket!
Change Out Light Bulbs
Did you know changing out just 5 lights in your house to CFLs or LEDs can save you up to $50 a year?
LED bulbs are getting cheaper & there are often deals on them! You don’t have change out all your lights at once to make a difference. Just a few at a time will add up!
Skip Out on Student Loans
Make sure you check locally for community colleges or trade schools – you can get an education at a fraction of the cost.
If you require a 4 year or longer university, complete all your prerequisites for less at a smaller college then transfer to the larger college.
Ask if they have any volunteer or work programs available on campus for reduced or free tuition!
Stop Paying for Magazines
Did you know you can get a ton of print magazine subscriptions absolutely FREE?
There are always new subscriptions added/available.
Cancel Unused Memberships
Have a Gym membership you never use? Cancel it! Have a Sams card but never shop there? Cancel it!
It all adds up quickly to your bottom line.
Barter Services
This is a great way to get help with your projects & help others with theirs! Need your living room painted? Know a painter? Offer your services in return ie- House cleaning, babysitting, whatever your skill set is!
Shop for Insurance
Did you know you can get a bigger discount by having your home & auto insurance from the same company? Shop around & also never hesitate to ask what other discounts you may qualify for! We added my dad to our insurance plan (they called it a group plan) & he still pays his own insurance each month but, all of our rates dropped! We wouldn’t have known this was an option if we didn’t ask.
Save on Buying a House
Did you know there are still so many houses for sale that are in foreclosure? These homes often need some extra TLC but are well worth the bottom line! offers a search tool or check with your local banks & realtors. We bought our house for 50% of market value!
Shorten Your Mortgage
Choose or change your mortgage to a 15 year mortgage. The monthly payments may be higher but, since you are paying for less time you will be paying less interest & paying more principle! You will also own your home 15 years faster!

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