FREE Activities for Kids!

Article: FREE Activities for Kids!

Welcome to the dog days of summer! It can be hard to keep kids entertained, especially on your wallet!

Check out all of these FREE activities for kids:

Start a rock collection – There are tons of online resources to help you identify what you have found.

Visit a state park

Go on a scavenger hunt – Free online printable lists available.

Visit the library – You will be surprised at how many free events your local library holds!

Read – You can earn FREE books & various rewards with these reading programs. BooksaMillion, Barnes&Noble, Scholastic, ChuckECheese, & PizzaHut all offer free programs!

Go to the movies! Showcase cinema offers FREE movie tickets in turn for a book report! Bowtie Cinemas, Cobb Theaters, Paragon Theaters, & Phoenix Cinemas all offer FREE summer movie programs!

View an online exhibit

Create a play – Let them write & direct it. Make silly costumes! If you don’t have a real audience, let them choose their favorite stuffed animals as the audience!

Build sock puppets

Go bowling – Kids 12 & under get 2 FREE games every day! Bowl-America also offers 2 FREE Games daily! Shoe rentals are NOT included! You can get your own shoes much cheaper than the rental fees! (Usually $4/per/day!)

Create a comic book – Free online printable template available.

Start  a bug collection – There are great online tools to help you identify what you have found!

Build your own obstacle course

Have a family picnic – you can do this anywhere! Even your own yard!

Visit a historical site

Visit a Fire Station – Call first, but many stations will offer a free tour for interested families!

Visit a museum – Many museums hold a free day or weekend for kids – just call & ask!

Camp – In your backyard or at a state park

Have a water or water balloon fight

Go on a nature walk

Create a scrapbook or journal

Play a board game


Have a Nerf fight

Make shadow puppets

Make a race track in the dirt or sand.

Attend a free project class or workshop – Lowes, Home Depot, & Bass Pro all hold events. Others include: Apple, Microsoft, Lego, Lakeshore, Cabela’s,

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