Article: Increase Your Credit Score

I know this isn’t a “deal” however – SelfLender is a GREAT tool to increase your credit score! I have used this for over a year now! I received my payment & I am now on my 2nd round with them.

I increased my score 185 points the first year!

How it works-
It’s basically a savings account that reports on your credit report.

Choose how much you want to deposit monthly ($25-$150) & pay the upfront “fee” of $12-15 & choose what day of the month you want the amount deposited.

EVERY month – they report to all 3 credit bureaus!
They ARE FDIC insured!

At the end of 1 year – you get your deposited amount back (minus an administration fee).

So for example-
@ $25/mo after 2 years you get back $525
@ $48/mo after 1 year you get back $545
@ $89/mo after 1 year you get back $1,000
@ $150/mo after 1 year you get back $1,700

So it’s a great way to save & increase your credit!!

Join SelfLender today!

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