Cut the Cord

Article: Cut the Cord

Did you know the average household pays over $1200 a year for cable or satellite television service!?!
Nearly all TV shows are now available online for much cheaper then the cost of cable. Amazon, Hulu, & Netflix are just a few that offer streaming services for a low monthly fee & most offer a FREE trial to start. All offer their own original content in addition to popular tv shows & movies.
There are also tons of FREE movies/shows you can view through Tubi, PopcornFlix, Vudu, SnagFilms, AZMovie, & many more!
You can also get TV antennas without having to crawl on your roof! These antennas are flat & just stick to the wall.
You can watch ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, PBS, & The CW all for FREE with a good antenna! View your local channel availability here.
You will find an investment in an Amazon Fire Stick, or Roku Streaming Stick to be well worth it!

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